Over the last century and a half, BNSF has built a strong reputation for moving the nation’s
freight safely and efficiently. These core strengths contributed to our continued success in
2012 and inspire us to continue to build upon this foundation for generations to come.
The strength of our railroad was illustrated in our best-ever safety performance, record
capital investments, and improved velocity and on-time performance in 2012.
Our ability to access markets in North America and throughout the world has made BNSF
a vital link in the global supply chain. U.S. and global economies rely on rail, allowing those
economies to broaden their approach to market, diversify their assets and invest significant
dollars to create an integrated transportation system.
Meanwhile, freight railroads continue to invest record amounts of private capital to meet
customer needs. Our 2013 planned capital investment is our largest yet at $4.1 billion. These
private dollars will go toward strengthening the integrity, safety, reach and capacity of our
core network and supporting the rapidly growing crude oil markets as our nation continues
to seek energy independence. In 2012, our Industrial Products business grew almost 13
percent, driven primarily by business related to crude oil.
At BNSF, we continue to look at new sources of clean, domestic energy by exploring
innovative technologies like
(LNG)-fueled locomotives. We will begin
testing LNG-powered, long-haul locomotives in 2013. With a successful pilot and a positive
regulatory environment, this could stand to be a transformational change for our railroad, the
environment, the U.S. economy and energy security.
We look forward to building on the strong momentum created in 2012 and will be ready to
respond to the many new opportunities unfolding in the years to come.
Matthew K. Rose
Chairman and CEO
A Message from Matt Rose
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