Exempt (Non-Union) Benefits and Wellness

As a BNSF employee, you are valued. You work hard and your contributions to making BNSF a transportation industry leader make a difference. So, in addition to your paycheck you receive competitive benefits and wellness programs.

These highlights are intended as a guide for prospective employees. If there are any conflicts between these highlights and the applicable policies/plan/agreement documents, the policies/plan/agreement document will apply.


Medical and Prescription Coverage
BNSF offers a single medical program with a choice of deductible levels and a choice of provider networks (Aetna or BlueCross BlueShield), which includes prescription drug coverage. After the deductible, most expenses are covered at 80 percent up to an out-of-pocket maximum, after which BNSF covers 100 percent of eligible expenses. Coverage automatically comes with a company-funded Health Savings Account (HSA) to which the employee may make additional tax-advantaged contributions to help pay for current and future out-of-pocket health care expenses.¹

Preventive care is provided free of charge, and specific preventive medications are covered for only a copay or coinsurance percentage with no upfront deductible.

Dental Coverage
A PPO dental plan is offered through Aetna nationwide. A Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) plan is also offered wherever Aetna DMO dentists are available.

Vision Care Plan
Two options are available to cover eye examinations, lenses, and frames or contact lenses for employees and dependents.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
Employees can set aside money per-pay-period on a before-tax basis to pay for eligible health care and day care expenses.

Life Insurance
BNSF Railway provides employees life insurance of two times the employee's "benefits pay" (base salary plus target Incentive Compensation Plan bonus) at no cost.

Optional life insurance of up to five times benefits pay is available. Employees may also purchase spouse and child life insurance.

Personal Accident Insurance
Multiple options for accidental death and dismemberment coverage are available for employees and dependents.

Short Term Disability Benefit
BNSF Railway provides 100% base-salary continuation, for up to 182 days of disability.

Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance
BNSF Railway provides insurance covering 50% of benefits pay at no cost. LTD benefits begin following 182 consecutive days of disability. Employees may elect to increase the LTD option to 66 2/3% of benefits pay.

Health Advocate
Employees and eligible family members have no-cost access to a Personal Health Advocate whose sole job is to help you understand and effectively use your health care benefits and help you with complex health care issues.


BNSF offers multiple resources to support you and your family with understanding and avoiding preventable health problems, managing health conditions, getting healthy and staying on a healthy track. Wellness programs are available to you on your first day of work.


401(k) Plan
Employees are eligible the first day of the month after 30 days of service and may make before-tax, Roth after-tax, or non-Roth after-tax contributions up to 25% of pay up to the annual Internal Revenue Service limit. The company match is 75% on before-tax and/or Roth contributions of up to 6% of pay.

Retirement Pension Plan
Provides company-funded, lifetime retirement income and survivor benefits after five years of service as an exempt employee. An early retirement benefit is available as early as age 55 with 10 years of benefit service; full retirement benefits are at age 65, or at age 62 with 30 or more years of service.

Railroad Retirement (RRB)
Provides lifetime retirement income similar to Social Security with increased benefits from Tier II taxes paid by employees and BNSF Railway. Employees are vested in their RRB benefit after 60 months of railroad service. More information may be found at www.rrb.gov.

Incentive Compensation Plan (ICP)
Rewards employees based on the company's performance.

Quality Of Life and Career Fulfillment

Tuition Reimbursement Program
BNSF Railway will pay employee tuition costs for manager-approved college courses. Eligibility for this program begins after six months of service.

Two weeks paid vacation annually after one-year service. Additional week earned at the start of the 5th, 10th and 20th service anniversaries.

Eleven paid holidays per year.

¹ Employees enrolled in a government-sponsored health plan such as TRICARE, VA or Medicare - or who are receiving payments under the BNSF Long-Term Disability Insurance program - are prohibited from participating in an HSA by IRS Rules. If you are enrolled in one of these plans, you will be provided a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA).