Development Opportunities

For many of you, the path to your dream job doesn't stop once your foot is in the door – perhaps you aspire to be a first line supervisor within your department, or to serve one day as general manager.

To help you get there, BNSF offers developmental opportunities and provides the resources you need to help you advance your career!

Whether you're starting as a mechanical laborer or a financial analyst, our advancement opportunities are designed to help you put your career on the right track!

  • Apprenticeship Programs
    • BNSF offers a number of formal apprenticeship programs to help you take your skill or trade to the next level. These 2- to 4-year programs offer classroom, computer-based and on-the job training designed to help you develop the necessary technical skills you need to become a licensed journey person in your craft.

  • First Line Supervisor Assessment
    • The First Line Supervisor (FLS) Assessment is a qualification process to help determine future leaders and direct supervisors of union-regulated employees at BNSF. As part of this progression, you could be subject to a discipline review, supervisor evaluation and written assessment. Once you have successfully completed this process, you will be eligible to apply for first line supervisory positions in operations!

  • Mentoring Programs
    • BNSF also offers self-directed and formal mentoring programs to help you develop the skills you need to become a future leader within our company.

      Through one–on–one meetings or group mentoring circles, you could gain exposure to the invaluable insight of some of our high–performing leaders – employees with a broad understanding of the business issues that drive BNSF's continued success, who have demonstrated the skills and behaviors described in our Leadership Model.

  • Professional Certifications & Organization Membership
    • BNSF values the benefits of memberships to professional organizations as a means to advance your career. Select professional certifications and memberships can provide you with the ability to build leadership skills, have valuable professional connections and continued education in your chosen field of expertise.

      Membership and certification fee assistance is provided upon approval.

  • Technical Training Center
    • BNSF's Technical Training Center is located in Overland Park, Kan. and occupies 100,000 square feet of office, classroom, laboratory, and multimedia studio space. Here, you could have the opportunity to learn basic and advanced skills in virtually any craft, including:

    • First Line Supervisor Training
    • Locomotive Engineer*
    • Mechanical
    • Conductor / Yard Crew
    • Signal Systems
    • Maintenance of Way
    • Telecommunications / System Electrical

      *Locomotive engineers are selected from internal conductor applicants.
  • Tuition Reimbursement
    • Interested in pursuing higher education to help you reach your career goals at BNSF?

      Perhaps you are looking to expand your trade by pursuing electronics courses at a local tech school. Or, you could be seeking a Master's degree in Finance to help you prepare for a career in upper management.

      In as little as six months of employment, you can begin applying for tuition reimbursement for job-related degree programs and courses at accredited educational institutions!