Military Tips

When to Apply

  • We recommend that you apply for open positions when you are within 90 days of the actual date you can start work. If you are taking "Military Terminal Leave", your availability date starts on the first day of "Terminal Leave".
  • Complete your application online for each job you wish to be considered for.
  • Check the website weekly for new job postings.
  • If outside of 90 days, you can create your Candidate Profile now and then apply when you are within the 90 day window.

Communication Data

  • If you have a local address in the geographical location of the job you are applying for, utilize that address in your communication data.
  • Use an email address and telephone number where you can receive communication from BNSF.

Work History

  • Please be sure to include all relevant job experience, certifications, professional licenses, awards, decorations, etc.
  • Select the appropriate reason for leaving each job.
    • Important: BNSF conducts in-depth background checks, including those for honorable, other-than-honorable and dishonorable discharge from the military. To save time, make sure you answer this question correctly: "Did you receive a dishonorable discharge?"
    • Always provide accurate pay grade information (highest rank, final rank). This information will be verified.

Historical Data

  • Make sure to disclose and detail any criminal convictions, and any traffic violations per the application request.