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BNSF participates in groundbreaking for Arizona World War II memorial


BNSF was a featured guest at the groundbreaking ceremony for a World War II (WWII) memorial in Phoenix on Dec. 7 for its assistance in the movement of two historic barrel guns free of charge from the East Coast to Phoenix earlier this year.

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett and the Salute the Fallen Committee officially broke ground for construction of the memorial adjacent to the state capitol. The groundbreaking followed a Pearl Harbor Day remembrance ceremony.

The memorial, to be located in Wesley Bolin Memorial Park, will feature historic gun barrels from the USS Arizona and USS Missouri as a representation of the beginning and end of the war. BNSF transported both gun barrels from the East Coast without cost to the state of Arizona.

Andrew Johnsen, assistant vice president, State Government Affairs, attended on BNSF's behalf and presented a check from the BNSF Foundation to Phoenix Rotary 100, the organization coordinating funding for the project.

"It's not every day that BNSF has the opportunity to move a piece of American history. We are very proud that about eight months ago, we had the honor to do just that," Johnsen said. "BNSF recognizes and appreciates the great sacrifice of those who have served in defense of our country and we are grateful for the opportunity to recognize these heroes by transporting such important pieces of American history in their honor."

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