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BNSF Celebrates Opening of New Car Shop in Minot


BNSF celebrated the official opening of a new car shop and two 9,200-foot inspection tracks at Gavin Yard, east of Minot, N.D., on Jan. 26.

The car shop and inspection tracks represent a $30 million investment for BNSF, providing a new 24,500-square-foot home base for about 40 Mechanical employees who previously conducted car repairs outdoors.

The car shop plus the inspection tracks will help expand BNSF's infrastructure to more efficiently serve growing freight volumes in North Dakota and along the Northern corridor. The oil business, combined with growing agricultural and intermodal traffic through the Gavin Yard, has challenged the Mechanical team to keep rolling stock available. The new shop is expected to meet current needs and potential growth.

BNSF built the new facility in Minot, the first on the entire system in a long time, in anticipation of ramped up activity in the Minot area. In addition to giving people a place to work inside, the new equipment will help improve capacity and productivity.

Dan Ferguson, superintendent, Operations, said the new inspection tracks at Gavin Yard allow BNSF to inspect an additional six to eight trains every 24 hours. "We average about 33 trains operating through Minot in a 24-hour period," he said.

"Additionally, nine switch engines work at Gavin Yard serving local customers and building trains for their destinations." The 33-train figure includes an average of two unit crude oil trains through Minot per day (one empty and one loaded).

North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple, Minot Mayor Curt Zimbelman and other BNSF officials also attended.

About the photo: Tom Albanese, general manager, Division Operations, and Roger Nober, executive vice president, Law & Secretary, and Brandon Mabry, assistant vice president and chief mechanical officer, were among speakers at the ceremony.

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