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BNSF Customer Support named a "Center of Excellence" and "Top 100 Support Center"


BNSF's Customer Support Center has been named a "Top 100 Contact Center" and received "Center of Excellence" certification.

Both assessments were conducted by BenchmarkPortal.

"Top 100" centers were selected based on 22 performance indicators, caller satisfaction levels and employee surveys. Resulting measurements were then evaluated against averages for quality and efficiency. This is the first year BNSF participated in the "Top 100" evaluation.

"This award shows that the BNSF call center operation ranks among the top performers in its size category in North America," said Bruce Belfiore, CEO, BenchmarkPortal. "We congratulate them and wish them continued success with their improvement initiatives in the future."

In addition, BNSF Customer Support was the only railroad support center to receive the "Center of Excellence" designation. While only 25 percent of companies certified attain repeat certification, BNSF has received this recognition for eight consecutive years.

BNSF Customer Support team handles an average of 800 contacts daily. Of the customers surveyed, 95 percent rated their experience as "good" or better. BenchmarkPortal also identified a 37 percent increase in BNSF's center effectiveness and customer satisfaction, while the overall rating for the rail/trucking/shipping industry decreased 17 percent.

To maintain the Support Center's high-caliber customer service, the BNSF team continually conducts self-audits. A voice and screen-capture system allows management to review 100 calls per week. This process, along with internal customer surveys, focuses on identifying coaching opportunities and trends.

BNSF Customer Support also maintains a strong hiring and training program, coordinated by Travis DeVault, who works with senior management to provide each new hire with customized training.

"Our team has maintained its high-caliber quality through the selection of the right people for the job, thorough training, on-point coaching support and continuous development," said BNSF's Mike Arita, assistant vice president (AVP), Customer Support.

Advanced technology also improves customers' experience. For instance, voice authentication helps streamline the call-in process, and calls are automatically connected to the appropriate support agent via name identification.

Employee surveys conducted as part of the study revealed a 90 percent positive response for job satisfaction among the team. In addition, BNSF held a turnover rate 30 percent lower than average. Management makes sure to recognize a job well done, including recognition for Employees of the Month, new hires and retiring employees during staff meetings and National Customer Service Week.

"When I talk to new hires about their first week experience, there is one constant factor to their feedback," said Arita. "They always mention the friendly and helpful environment at the Support Center. I encourage them to keep the cycle going. It's like the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. I think our team does a great job at that."

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