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Spring 2010

  • Looking down the line: Leading BNSF through economic recession to recovery
  • Milestones on BNSF's path of success
  • Employees close the loop on risk
  • Understanding the ABCs of training and certification
  • Burlington Bridge getting a lift

Fall 2009

  • A Healthier Way Forward
  • The life of a BNSF locomotive
  • Berkshire Hathaway Inc. to acquire BNSF Railway special insert

Summer 2009

  • Hats off to BNSF's 2008 Employees of the Year!
  • Fight the Spike: Summer initiative under way
  • BNSF's Robert Johnson wins Hammond Award

Spring 2009

  • The Staggers story: Historic rail legislation loosened regulation, enabled regeneration
  • Railroads a green solution in global commerce
  • BNSF Foundation: Giving back where we live, work, volunteer
  • Contributing in more ways than one
  • Training for Envision coming soon

January / February 2009

  • Executive roundup: Thoughts on navigating 2009 challenges
  • Managing stress during difficult times
  • A call to attention: A BNSF safety update
  • Working safely on and around track
  • BNSF marks are in: Grade-crossing safety improved in 2008
  • Best Way making headway
  • Train crew lineup accuracy: Another Best Way

November / December 2008

  • 2008: A historic year
  • Alberta Oil Sands: No sour deal
  • Bakken Shale: How sweet it is
  • Abo Canyon: The double-track challenge
  • Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008: What does it mean for BNSF?
  • Switch heaters can make or break operations
  • Giving in the true spirit of the holidays

September / October 2008

  • Your guide to the newly redesigned employee.bnsf.com
  • Delivering power to the people
  • Making tracks to the conventions
  • Best practices ensure site safety team effectiveness
  • Making safe decisions: California Engineering
  • First female engineer reflects on the road less traveled

July / August 2008

  • Waterlogged!
  • Pain at the Pump: BNSF Not Immune
  • New Campaign Targets Risk
  • Calling on Hand & Power Tool Safety
  • Focus on Safety
  • Send the News: e-Mail for Everyone!
  • Power for the Long Haul

May / June 2008

  • 2007 Employees of the Year - Annual Program Honors Those Who Made a Difference
  • Focus on Safety
  • Meeting Around Safety
  • Closing in on 4,000
  • Answers to Your Achievement Award Questions
  • 2007 Best of the Best Work Groups
  • Congratulations to Scholarship Winners

March / April 2008

  • Delivering Transportation Services - the Best Way
  • Report Underscores BNSF's Commitment
  • Understanding Railroad Retirement vs. Social Security Benefits
  • Focus on Safety
  • Across the BNSF System
  • 2008 Plan to Keep Railroad Strong, Primed for Growth
  • Alliance Intermodal Facility: Expansion a Capital Idea
  • The 2008 BNSF Railway Special

January / February 2008

  • Joint Operations Update
  • What’s ‘On the Plate’ in 2008?
  • Topeka Employees Helping Develop Experimental Switch Engine
  • Focus on Safety
  • Across the BNSF System
  • News is Spreading!

November / December 2007

  • 2007 Reflections
  • Harvesting Good Service for Ag Customers
  • Strategy for Success: Focus on Return
  • Cajon Pass: From Double- to Triple-Track
  • Taking AIM: Phoenix, Denver Targeted
  • Vehicle Containerization: Box It Up
  • BNSF College Scholarship Program

September / October 2007

  • Ensuring Safety
  • Strategy for Success: Focus on Community
  • TMDS: Train Control for a New Generation
  • Tunnel Time
  • Driven to Distraction
  • What Makes a Good Leader?
  • Double Exposure: Duo Snaps Winning Photos

July / August 2007

  • Strategy for Success: Focus on Franchise
  • Preparing Today for Tomorrow’s ‘Megatrends’
  • A Special Time for All
  • ‘Those Signals Are There for a Reason’
  • SCIG: A Gateway for Green Growth
  • Flooding Doesn’t Dampen Team BNSF Spirit
  • Broad Benefits of Wide-Span Cranes Being Realized

May / June 2007

  • Strategy for Success: Focus on Service
  • BNSF Xpresses Itself
  • 2006 BNSF Railway Employees of the Year
  • On the Record with Roger Nober
  • When It's Time to Stop, Think opStop
  • ez Pay: Less Time at the Computer, More Time to Enjoy Off-Time
  • BNSF NEWS: Your #1 Source for Information!

March / April 2007

  • Designing the Locomotives of the Future
  • Tune In: BNSF-TV Installations Under Way
  • 'Clearing the Air' on Goods Movement, Health Effects
  • Strategy for Success: Focus on People
  • Second Quarter Safety Focus Topic: Slips, Trips and Falls
  • What Makes a Good Leader?

January / February 2007

  • 5 Strategic Focus Areas: A Q&A with Matt Rose
  • Velocity Validated
  • 2007 Safety Plan
  • Fuel by Rail
  • Winter Blasts BNSF
  • YDS: Consolidating Reports, Saving Time

November / December 2006

  • 2006 BNSF on a Roll
  • Crews of the Night
  • Keeping it All in Balance
  • Diversity - A Bottom-line Imperative
  • EIC Tablet Provides Fast Relief for Track Authority Headaches
  • What Makes a Good Leader?
  • BNSF College Scholarship Program

September / October 2006

  • Ensuring Safety
  • Railroad Capacity Legislation Introduced in the Senate
  • 'Game-Changing' Initiatives Aimed at Velocity Improvements
  • The ABCs of Retirement
  • Trip Rates on Through-Freight Runs Streamline Pay Process
  • Passing the Test
  • Locomotive Engineer Scorecard: Setting a Course for Success

July / August 2006

  • Viewpoints on Velocity
  • A Day in the Life of a K-9 Team
  • BNSF Special Celebrates a Decade of Success
  • What Makes a Good Leader?
  • Train Horn Rule: How to Whistle While at Work
  • BNSF Business Unit Roundup

May / June 2006

  • Celebrating Success
  • Five Strategic Focus Areas
    • Franchise
    • Service
    • Return
    • People
    • Community
  • 2005 Safety Employees of the year
  • Achievement Award Recipients

March / April 2006

  • Company-Wide Focus on Velocity to Improve Performance
  • Boomer to X: What's Up with Y?
  • 2006 Capital Commitment Designed to Match Future Growth
  • Safety Speak - Q&A with Mark Schulze
  • Technology for Velocity

January / February 2006

  • Q&A with Matt Rose
  • 09- X: The Tamper to Beat All Tampers
  • AIM: The Next Step in Carload Reshape
  • Safety Boot Policy
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