LiveWellBNSF is no longer available.

From the Employee Portal/ BNSF Logistics Intranet visit: LiveWellBNSF.

  • Access your health, retirement, wellness, career, community, EAP and work/life resources.
  • Blue chat iconUse the 24/7 chatbot to answer your health plan questions and help navigate your BNSF programs and resources. Just look for the blue chat icon.
  • Create your Personal Health Itinerary based on the programs available to you.
  • Participate in wellness activities and have a chance to win prizes!

Retirees: For pay information, please contact

*NOTE: BNSF Railway: Currently, LiveWellBNSF is only functioning on computers connected directly to the BNSF Network or through Pulse VPN. This access will be expanded in the coming weeks.

livewell welcome

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