Chicago Intermodal Update

Feb 28, 2018

BNSF continues working through delays at our Chicago-area hubs. As we have reported, a major snowstorm earlier this month and prolonged extreme winter weather conditions impacting key portions of our Northern Corridor have caused several service interruptions and disruptions to normal traffic flows. Recovery efforts have also been slowed by elevated lot inventories at facilities resulting from a substantial imbalance between freight in-gating for outbound loading and shipments unloaded that are awaiting pickup.

When in-gate shipments exceed out-gates by a large margin at a facility, this imbalance results in higher cycle times and lower production levels. While our operations teams focus on loading additional trains to help reduce lot imbalances and overall inventories, it remains important for customers to pick up available shipments as quickly as possible.

To reduce lot congestion, particularly at Corwith and Logistics Park Chicago (LPC), customers may see units re-directed to satellite lots and/or other Chicago area facilities in the area to improve production levels.

BNSF offers multiple ways to track your shipments(s), enabling you to verify the location of your container for pick-up. Click here for more information on the tools available to track shipments. The round-the-clock, seven-day-a-week operating schedule at each of our four Chicago area facilities ensures that shippers have the ability to drop off or pick up shipments at any time. Off-peak hour drop-offs and pick-ups reduces the amount of time that drivers spend in the facility and alleviates the congestion that can occur during peak times.

We appreciate your patience and support as these service challenges are addressed.

We will continue to provide customers with further updates.