The new Reciprocal Switch Inquiry tool lets you instantly see if the location you're shipping to or from is rail-served. If you know the company you're shipping to or from, you can just type in its name and location and click submit. The results page gives you the rail service pertinent information, including Customer Identification File number, or CIF, (also known as Dun and Bradstreet number), street address, station name, the rail carrier and switching status. And it's not just for BNSF-served locations. Reciprocal Switch Inquiry provides service information for all North American rail carriers. Plus, you can easily share the information by exporting to Excel or PDF with a click and link directly to the BNSF switching book or contact BNSF with a question. And if the business you're shipping to isn't rail served, Reciprocal Switch Inquiry can link you to local transloaders. You can also verify rail service right from Carload Shipping Advisor, and find information on transloaders when they're required.

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