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Our Team

The BNSF Mexico team has a strong presence in Mexico. We speak Spanish. We speak English. We understand the opportunities and challenges involved in Mexico shipping. And we are here to give you the benefit of our import-export expertise.

Whether you’re vehicle shipping from Mexico, grain shipping to Mexico, or just about anything in-between, we are here to support you. On your behalf, we proactively monitor shipments to avoid delays at border gateways and we can help you with all tools. Our Customer Support is award-winning. Our presence in Mexico combined with our connection to all the resources of BNSF Railway allow us to serve you better.


BNSF Mexico – Fort Worth
2650 Lou Menk Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76131


Assistant Vice President, Mexico
Tel: 817-867-6280

Talk to me about: 
Shipping to or from Mexico

Victor Valdes

Tel: 817-867-6060

Talk to me about: Agricultural Products and Intermodal

Carlos Trevino

Tel: 817-867-6627 (U.S.)

Talk to me about: 
Metals, Energy, Automotive and Industrial Products

Dena Wilds

Senior Manager, International Support
Tel: 817-867-6044

Talk to me about: 
Border Support

Manager, Business Development
Tel: 817-867-6175

Talk to me about: 
Any questions, information or updates on shipping to or from Mexico.
To ship a personal vehicle to or from Mexico, please contact BNSF Logistics at or 855-476-9357. Please contact me about any other questions, information or updates on shipping to or from Mexico.


BNSF Mexico – Queretaro
Lago Yurira 407 Cumbres del Lago
Queretaro QA
76230 Mexico D.F.

Elisa Angles

Marketing Manager
Tel: (52)55-5636-2544

Talk to me about: 
Consumer Products and Intermodal


BNSF Mexico – Mexico City
Insurgentes Sur 1196-902 Colonia del Valle
03200 Mexico D.F.

Antonio Gomez

Marketing Manager
Tel: (52)55-5636-2542

Talk to me about: 
Grain and Grain Products

Laura Hernandez

Marketing Manager
Tel: (52) 55-5636-2543

Talk to me about:  
Consumer Products and Intermodal

Pamela Gastaldi

Senior Analyst, Marketing
Tel: (52)55-5636-2545

Talk to me about: 
Connecting you to the person who can help you.


BNSF Mexico – Monterrey
Ave. del Comercio No. 4, S-2 Planta Baja
Parque Corporativo Santa Engracia
66267 San Pedro Garza García N.L.

Bernardo Lozano

Marketing Manager
Tel: (52) 81-4780-3045

Talk to me about: Automotive, Chemicals and Plastics, Asphalt, Fuel Oil, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Gasoline/Diesel and Lube Oil, and Forest Products

Juan Ramos

Marketing Manager
Tel: (52) 81-4780-3044

Talk to me about: 
Food and Beverage, Metals (Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Taconite), New Railcars

Victor Dominguez

Marketing Manager
Tel: (52) 1-55-4877-3947

Talk to me about: 
Consumer Products and Intermodal


Customer Support Contacts

We have bilingual customer-solutions professionals ready to help you resolve questions in the areas listed below. Just call 888-700-3075 and key in the Option listed below.

eBusiness Issues

Including issues with shipping patterns, automated reports, web applications and EDI transactions.
Call 888-700-3075, Option 1, enter PIN#

Billing Issues

Waybill problem resolution including issues involving incorrect routing, customer names, non credit, patron code, contract errors, reverse route instructions.
Call 888-700-3075, Option 2

Border Support

Including issues involving despacho previo (pre-documentation), border clearance and Customs issues such as U.S. Customs needing to inspect a car or dealing with government agencies such as USDA, FDA, etc.
Call 888-700-3075, Option 3 - Canada shipments, Option4 - Mexico shipments

Other Customer Support Issues

Including bad orders, tracing cars, no trip plan, derailment updates, operations change of plans due to weather, maintenance of way, etc.
Call 888-700-3075, Option 3 - Canada shipments, Option 4 - Mexico shipments