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Team Tracks Guidance

What are Team Tracks?

Any track designated by BNSF for multiple customer use to load or unload shipments when direct rail service is unavailable. Team tracks are intended for occasional use for parties and shipments that meet the criteria outlined in the team track right of entry and use agreement.

How many cars can I ship on a team track?

Typically, a team track customer does not ship more than 52 cars annually. If you shipment needs exceed this amount, an alternative arrangement may be necessary. See additional options on our main team track Web page.

Where does a team track right of entry and use agreement provide access?

To locations authorized by BNSF through the team track request process with applicable insurance coverage. Please note, these premises are provided "as is" and the requestor should inspect the site(s) to ensure they are safe and suitable. All property should be kept in a safe and sanitary condition and should not be altered or modified.

**Project based requests must be evaluated and approved for every move.

What type of commodities cannot be shipped to a team track?

The following commodities are prohibited from team tracks:

  • Hazardous or nonhazardous waste.
  • Any petroleum products or oils (including vegetable and animal fats) or materials that contain oils.
  • Any hazardous or environmentally sensitive materials as defined by 49 CFR and STCC 29 and 49 (any placarded material).
  • Any materials considered a marine pollutant, herbicide or pesticide.
  • Explosives as defined by the BOE 6000 series tariff.
  • Scrap metal or other recycling/salvage materials or operations (unless used solely for BNSF rail/scrap steel).
  • Mining ores, lead or zinc dross, or slag and similar materials.
  • Plastic pellets (PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene, etc.).
  • Hydraulic and Portland cement.

We also reviewed certain minerals or chemicals that are controlled-use commodities but present a low risk (such as salt, clay, sand and urea-based fertilizers). We have approved these materials, but only for specific, prescreened team track locations. The BNSF team track team must review these materials and their destinations before shipment.

BNSF's Environmental team may periodically amend the list of prohibited or restricted commodities for team tracks as we continue to monitor team-track usage and evaluate our risk and experience with applicable commodities.

What are the demurrage policies on team tracks?

Please see BNSF Demurrage Book 6004-B for more information.

What are the insurance requirements to use a team track?

Please see the sample team track agreements and use agreement.

Where do I need to send the insurance certificate?

Please forward a copy of your insurance certificate to:

BNSF Railway Company
PO Box 140528
Kansas City, MO 64114
Fax: (817) 840-7487

How long is my agreement valid?

The agreement terms are outlined in the sample team track right of entry and use agreement. If for some reason the authorized site becomes unavailable, reasonable accommodations (based on availability) will be made.

Who do I contact with questions about team tracks?

Please send an email to