Shortline Conference

The BNSF Shortline Conference is a forum for shortlines to connect with BNSF to explore mutual opportunities and share ideas. The conference includes speakers, commercial team meetings, workshops, dinner and numerous networking opportunities.

Conference Survey Results

BNSF Shortline Conference Survey Results

Each year following BNSF's annual Shortline Conference, we send out a survey to obtain valuable feedback from participants.

Here's a summary of the responses we received:

  • 80% of survey participants gave BNSF’s Shortline Conference an "Excellent" or "Very Good" rating.
  • The highlights of this year's conference, according to survey participants, included the commercial team meetings and the general session presentations.
  • All of this year’s speakers received high marks. The top rated presentation was Michael Smythers’ Election Update.
  • The Agricultural Products, Building Products, and Petroleum workshops were the highest rated commercial team meetings.
  • Many respondents also praised the networking opportunities, the Downtown Ft. Worth location, and the venue itself.
  • Areas noted for improvement included the lack of a general economic update presentation and the need to incorporate more of a shortline perspective in overall presentations.
  • The BNSF Shortline Connection Newsletter website received a very positive response with 84% of survey participants rating the overall newsletter as either “Excellent” or “Very Good.” The two most highly rated categories concerning the newsletter were “Accuracy of Information” and “Content.”
  • Finally, the response to our newly-implemented app was all-around positive. 88% of survey participants rated the app as “Excellent” or “Very Good,” with the most valued featuring being the “Schedule” function.

Conference Presentations

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