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Fall 2016 PDF
  • Leading through change
  • Q&A with Dave Freeman, EVP, Operations
  • BNSF puts digital precision on the map
  • BNSF continues to make headway on PTC implementation
  • The plastics push: How the shale revolution is turning America’s plastics manufacturing industry into a growing powerhouse
  • Railroad Town: Topeka, Kansas
  • BNSF College Scholarship Program
Spring-Summer 2016 PDF
  • Employees of the Year honored for contributions that made a difference
  • BNSF’s Safety Employees of the Year
  • Best of the Best Recognition
  • BNSF Operations realigned under two regions
  • Who We Are, What We Do: Intermodal Hub Operations
  • TSS 2.0 will provide information faster, in mobile formats
  • Protect your health – check your blood pressure
  • ‘What do you think about to stay safe?’ Safety Drawing Contest winners named
  • 2016-2017 BNSF Railway Foundation Scholarship Winners Announced
Winter 2016 PDF
  • Strong and resilient in 2016
  • NextGen CRM: Looking at the customer with a 360° vantage
  • Railroad safety goes to new heights
  • Railroad Town: Lincoln, Neb.
  • Introducing the redesigned BNSF Employee Portal
  • Matching Gift Program helps employees extend charitable giving
Fall 2015 PDF
  • Celebrating BNSF’s 20th anniversary
  • 1995-2015: BNSF turns 20
  • BAPP®: A strong employee-driven safety process
  • Who We Are, What We Do: Switch crews
  • Native American employees share pride in culture, company
  • BNSF College Scholarship Program: Applications can be accessed Dec. 1, 2015
Spring-Summer 2015 PDF
  • 20 Years and Beyond
  • Top Achievements of 2014: Employees of the Year honored
  • BNSF’s Safety Employees of the Year
  • 2014 Best of the Best Recognition
  • Safety Bells: Celebrating teams that demonstrate exemplary performance
  • "Safe at Work, in Your Hobby and at Home" Safety Drawing Contest winners named
Winter 2014 PDF
  • Tower 55 project in Fort Worth sets the stage for improved rail velocity
  • Who We Are, What We Do: Medical & Environmental Health
  • When blizzards hit, rotary snowplows get the call
  • BNSF’s Load and Ride Solutions team ensures safe transportation of cargo
  • Railroad Town: Temple, Texas
  • BNSF & Vets: A good fit
Fall 2014 PDF
  • Technical Training Center prepares next generation of railroaders
  • Q&A with Jo-ann Olsovsky: Technology Services’ “Railroad 2020” roadmap
  • Wayside-detection technology enhances safety, service
  • Working toward zero
  • BNSF Twitter contest promotes rail safety
  • Tracking time: BNSF’s history with clocks, timepieces and time itself
  • BNSF College Scholarship Program: Applications can be accessed Dec. 1
Summer 2014 PDF
  • 2013 Employees of the Year honored in Fort Worth
  • BNSF Safety Employees of the Year
  • New Big Lift automotive facility improves velocity and on-time deliveries
  • Power up: 500 new locomotives joining BNSF fleet in 2014
  • New features will soon be available for TYE Mobility
  • 2014 - 2015 BNSF Railway Foundation Scholarship winners named
Spring 2014 PDF
  • 2014: Outlook & Perspective Executive Roundup
  • Spread the word: It's a great time to "climb aboard" at BNSF
  • $5 billion capital commitment program planned for 2014
  • Who We Are, What We Do: BNSF Police
  • Mobile apps: the newest channel for BNSF information
  • Safety Bells recognize top safety performances across the system
  • "Returning Home Safely" Coloring Contest winners named
Winter 2013 PDF
  • BNSF dedicates new LPKC Intermodal Facility
  • Who We Are, What We Do: Finance
  • Railroad Town: Tulsa, Okla.
  • Safety Recognition Program update
  • Approaching Others About Safety training
  • Rail preservationists: Their volunteer work a true labor of love
Summer/Fall 2013 PDF
  • Keeping BNSF safe and (cyber)secure
  • BNSF's automotive business now in the fast lane
  • Above and beyond: Employees who serve country, company
  • BNSF moves mammoth Mammoet crane
  • 2014 BNSF calendar photos selected
  • myBNSF.com: Your go-to spot
Spring 2013 PDFFLASH
  • 2012 Employees of the Year
  • Tulsa Transportation Team "de-CYPHERing" Injury-free Operations
  • Railroad Town: Spokane, Wash.
  • Who We Are, What We Do: Over-the-road train crew
  • 2014 Calendar Photo Contest Deadline is July 1, 2013
Winter 2013 PDFFLASH
  • 2013: Building on our successes
  • Our business model drives us forward
  • Executive Roundup
  • Shortline connection a long-term BNSF strategy
  • 2013 capital commitment program under way
  • Who We Are, What We Do: Customer Support
  • BNSF teams recognized for safety excellence
  • "Make Time for Safety" drawing contest winners named
  • Preventive exams: What's your reason?
Fall 2012 PDF
  • A message from the Chairman and CEO
  • Railroad Town: Galesburg, Ill.
  • Fitting in Fitness
  • Friends of BNSF website adds new interactive features
  • BNSF celebrates completion of new railroad bridge at Burlington, Iowa
Summer 2012 PDF
  • Building for the future
  • Economic Development team: BNSF's ambassadors
  • Who We Are, What We Do: Tie Production Gang 06
  • Watching out for each other's safety
  • Grade-crossing safety: Because trains can't stop quickly
  • Happy golden anniversary to a legendary BNSF locomotive
  • ETDs evolve to head of the pack
  • 2013 calendar photos selected
Spring 2012 PDFFLASH
  • Honoring the outstanding achievements from 2011
  • Approaching others about safety – always the right thing to do
  • BNSF's Safety Employees of the Year
  • Who we are, what we do: Marketing & Sales
  • When it comes to wellness, the eyes may have it
  • BNSF launches interactive map
  • 2013 Calendar Photo Contest deadline is July 2, 2012
Winter 2012 PDF
  • Executive Roundup
  • Who we are, what we do: Dispatcher Scot Stewart
  • 2012 program: Focus on the core network
  • Winners of 2012 Safety Drawing Contest named
  • Preventive care: Know before you go
  • Friends of BNSF membership approaches 30,000
  • BNSF College Scholarship Program
Fall 2011 PDF FLASH
  • BNSF's guiding principles: Vision & Values, Evidences of Success and Leadership Model
  • BNSF Next Generation Intermodal
  • Onboarding for the future
  • Focus on Safety: Stay in the clear
  • A Healthier Way Forward: Make THIS the year to get a preventive exam
  • I'm not going to be the guy who says, 'It won't happen to me'
  • New Tier 3 locomotive emission standards are here
  • Positive train control forging ahead
Summer 2011 PDF FLASH
  • Rising above: BNSF faces the challenges of 2011
  • All hail the shale
  • Wind business picking up
  • BNSF charting a fiscal course via the Expense Leverage Roadmap
  • Cell phones and texting: Know the risks and your state, local laws
  • How to choose a health care provider you can trust
  • Introducing... Friends of BNSF
  • BNSF Hotline provides confidential tool for reporting concerns
Spring 2011 PDF FLASH
  • The importance of celebrating success
  • Achievement Awards recognize individuals and teams
  • 2010 Best of the Best recognition
  • Trainers carry forward BNSF's safety vision to new hires
  • What you don't know CAN hurt you
  • Tamping technology helping tie production gangs
  • 2012 Calendar Photo Contest Deadline is July 1, 2011
Winter 2011 PDF FLASH
  • The Bridges of BNSF
  • Thoughts on 2011: A year of opportunity
  • PTC moving forward: Work under way on 21 more subdivisions
  • Building big: Major bridge projects under way
  • Team volunteers offer support
  • Budding artists tell safety message
  • BNSF Scholarship update