REMINDER: Upcoming BNSF Ag Car Program Changes Effective August 1, 2024

Jun 28, 2024

Based on customer feedback and changing market conditions, BNSF will make the following updates to our BNSF Ag Car Programs. These changes are impacting the following programs and are effective August 1, 2024:

Changes to Regular and Yearlong DET Programs:

Effective August 1, 2024, new COTs purchased for Yearlong and Regular DETs will be required to have a minimum of two (2) blocks (destination groups) and will no longer be allowed to ship to a single destination. Specific rule changes may be found on the BNSF Customer Portal in BNSF 4022, Item 13504 and Item 13506. 

The number of DETs offered under the new rules will be adjusted to reflect demand to destination groups requiring blocks of cars versus single train destinations.

Any existing Yearlong DETs will be grandfathered in with the rules under which they were purchased.

Changes to Monthly and Yearlong Single and Unit Car COTs:

BNSF will discontinue the 24-car “Unit” COT program and associated rate items. Customers will still be able to acquire those quantities of cars as Monthly and Yearlong Single Car COTs with maximums increasing from 15 to 48 cars per order (see BNSF 4090, Item 10300). 

To summarize the changes being made:

  • Regular and Yearlong DETs will be required to have a minimum of two (2) blocks (destination groups).
  • Single destination DETs will no longer be allowed.
  • Monthly and Yearlong Unit Car COT programs will be eliminated.
  • Monthly and Yearlong Single Car COTs maximums will be increased from 15 to 48 cars per order (or maximum track capacity, but no more than 48).
  • Note regarding demurrage: Please see Demurrage Tariff Book BNSF 6004–C on the BNSF Customer Portal. Standard demurrage tariff rates apply and will be based on each individual car. 

If you have any questions regarding the enhancements, please contact your BNSF marketing representative.

Your business is important to us. BNSF remains focused on meeting the needs of our customers while ensuring we continue to operate as safely and efficiently as possible.

Thank you for choosing BNSF Railway as your transportation service provider.