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Work at BNSF

Would you like to have a career in an industry that is vital to our economy, where every day brings a new challenge? The actions we take every day help ensure both raw materials and finished goods arrive at their destination safely and without incident. It is a complex but well-orchestrated operation, and each day brings the satisfaction that today you made an important contribution to our way of life.

BNSF Careers

Conductors and engineers operate our trains. Civil engineers help keep those trains safe on our railroad. But so do our track inspectors and the pilots who operate our UAVs. We also employ lawyers, accountants, computer programmers and technology specialists. Come see if there is a role for you at one of the nation’s premier railroads.

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We have a rich and long history that goes back more than 165 years. While a lot changed over those decades, some things are still the same. Railroading is still a vital part of America and BNSF is a major reason goods and materials get where they need to go to meet the needs of our economy.