Car Type Codes

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The page describes only the first character of the AAR Equipment Type and Trailer/Container Type Codes. For more information on the complete type code, see Exhibit D, Section IX of the AAR Equipment Register.

Code Description
A Equipped box cars
B Unequipped box cars
C Covered hopper cars
D Locomotive
E Equipped gondola
F Flat cars
G Unequipped gondola
H Unequipped Hopper
J Gondola car
K Equipped hopper cars
L Special type cars
M M-O-W, Scale, Passenger, Caboose, and End-of-train information systems
P Conventional intermodal cars
Q Lighter weight, Low-profile intermodal cars
R Refrigerator cars
S Stack car
T Tank cars
U Containers
V Vehicular flat cars
Z Trailers