Here’s how BNSF
is making the most
sustainable way to
transport freight
even more effective.

The Route
to Enhanced


Sustainability Highlights

In 2022, we began testing a B20/R80 blend of fuel, which is a mixture of 20% biodiesel and 80% renewable diesel. By working with our locomotive manufacturing partners, we hope to increase the amount of biodiesel and renewable diesel fuels we can use to operate our locomotives, which would translate into significant carbon intensity and emission reductions for our fleet.
In 2022, BNSF customers reduced their carbon emissions by more than 23.9 million metric tons. That savings is the equivalent of removing approximately 5.2 million vehicles’ resultant emissions.
In 2021, we tested a prototype 100% battery-electric locomotive in collaboration with Wabtec.
BNSF is moving forward with purchasing four next-gen locomotives including partnering with Progress Rail to demonstrate an 8-megawatt hour battery-electric locomotive and a hydrogen fuel cell locomotive starting in early 2025.
We currently have 35 battery-electric yard trucks, or hostlers, operating in our California intermodal facilities with plans to add another 50 in the next two years, and we will soon deploy 10 units at our South Seattle intermodal facility with plans to continue converting diesel models to electric.
In 2022, our railroad recycled approximately 2.8 million railroad ties, 1.2 million pounds of batteries and 2.6 million gallons of lube oil.