Addressing Intermodal Service Challenges in Southern California

Jul 27, 2020

BNSF operating teams are responding to service challenges affecting some intermodal shipments. Freight shipment demands, as influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, have been volatile. In the past several weeks, a sharp rise in volume created some imbalances in resource availability at key BNSF hubs, including our Los Angeles-Hobart Intermodal Facility.

In response, BNSF has been re-deploying a significant number of locomotives, railcars and personnel to affected locations, particularly in Southern California. Gate allocations were put in place at Hobart to ease congestion and will be reduced as conditions improve at the facility. Off-site parking for both inbound and outbound shipments is being fully utilized, and we have also diverted some freight to alternate facilities in San Bernardino and Barstow with available capacity.

These actions, as they continue being implemented, are expected to provide the necessary capacity to meet demand levels. With similar adjustments made to meet increased freight demands at our Alliance Intermodal Facility in Fort Worth and facilities in the Chicago area, service performance has started to improve. The challenges of keeping pace with this volume surge, however, will require continued flexibility and collaboration.

Please contact your BNSF sales representative or BNSF Customer Support with any questions or concerns. We appreciate your business and will provide additional updates on our progress.