Announcing New Logistics Park Chicago Sequencing Process

Apr 5, 2024

As we previously communicated, BNSF is working collaboratively with the trucking community to make enhancements to the driver experience at our intermodal facilities. Starting on April 23, BNSF will be implementing a truck driver sequencing process at our Logistics Park Chicago (LPC) facility to streamline container flow during higher lift demand times.

This new process will allow the driver to wait for their container near the Driver’s Assistance Building (DAB), until a transfer spot is available adjacent to the requested container. Once an appropriate transfer spot is available, the driver will be prompted to proceed to the appropriate location via RailPASS. As part of this process, utilizing the RailPASS mobile app will be essential.

BNSF will be at LPC from April 8 – 11 to assist drivers with downloading RailPASS and answering questions about the app and the upcoming new process. For both new and current users, please download the latest version through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

More information about our new driver sequencing process at LPC will be provided in advance of deployment.