Derailment Impacting Intermodal Operations in Southern California

Mar 4, 2021

BNSF experienced a derailment yesterday afternoon at Ludlow, Calif., approximately 60 miles east of Barstow. As this incident occurred on the Southern Transcon, our primary route between Southern California and the Midwest, rail operations have been significantly impacted. Both main line tracks in this location are currently out of service.

Engineering crews and equipment were quickly deployed to the scene. The first main track is currently estimated to reopen this evening, with the second main line back in service early tomorrow morning. With the high volume of intermodal traffic to/from California, customers with shipments designated to move through this corridor should expect delays until operations have fully normalized.

Gate allocations are being utilized at our Southern California intermodal facilities to ease congestion due to elevated inventories and car supply issues. Limiting gate activity will help expedite the pace of our recovery efforts once the affected main line tracks reopen.

As always, we remind customers that prompt pick-up of shipments will help improve traffic flows, reduce lot congestion and provide the space needed for processing inbound freight as expeditiously as possible. BNSF has multiple tools available for customers to track their shipments.

We appreciate your cooperation and quick response as we work together to rebalance equipment flows. Our operating teams remain focused on safely restoring service to the level you expect from us.

Please contact your BNSF representative if you have any questions.