UPDATE: Hurricane Beryl Impacts and Recovery Efforts

Jul 8, 2024

Hurricane Beryl made landfall on the Texas Gulf Coast, approximately 95 miles south of Houston, early this morning and is now a tropical storm. Heavy rain, flash flooding and hurricane-force winds are expected to diminish this evening as the storm moves north across the Midwest. Our thoughts are with those who have been impacted by the hurricane, as widespread power outages and major flooding impact the region as well as subsequent road closures in multiple locations.

BNSF Pearland Intermodal Facility in Houston remains closed until it is safe to resume operations. As conditions improve, engineering teams will begin track inspections this afternoon in areas that are safely accessible and are prepared to quickly enact repairs as needed to restore normal operations.

If you have questions regarding a shipment(s), please utilize the Message Us feature on the BNSF Customer Portal (must be registered/logged in to access) or contact BNSF Customer Support at 1-888-428-2673. 

We will continue to provide customers with further updates as to when we are able to safely resume operations in the region.