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Logistics Parks

The BNSF Logistics Park strategy uses an intermodal hub to anchor distribution centers nearby, enabling us to partner with trucking companies and ocean carriers and provide streamlined supply chain solutions that connect manufacturers and retailers to their markets. Our logistics parks and intermodal facilities are strategically located in major markets across the country. Co-locating at one of BNSF's Logistics Parks can help substantially lower transportation costs and drayage charges, as well as reduce fuel costs and lower carbon emissions.

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Stockton San Bernardino Alliance Memphis Chicago Kansas City

To see more, view BNSF's Intermodal Map.

Closer is Better

With volatile fuel costs and more stringent emissions standards, cutting all the extra miles you can from your supply chain is crucial. By locating at a BNSF logistics park, you realize significant cost savings and help to protect our environment.

BNSF Railway's logistics parks and intermodal facilities are strategically located so you can easily serve major markets across the country via our vast intermodal network. To see more, view BNSF's Intermodal Map.

Co-Locations Map

Let's say you're considering two locations for a distribution center.

  • BNSF Logistics Park.
  • Site B: 20 miles away.

Based on a hypothetical scenario with 5,000 annual inbound intermodal shipments:

  • You save $117 in drayage costs per unit by locating at BNSF Logistics Park instead of Site B, for total savings of $585,000 annually on inbound shipments to your distribution center at BNSF.
  • This equals $1.17 in annual rent savings per SF for a 500,000 SF distribution center facility.
  • Save money on continual cost of operations
    • Save fuel, time and drayage charges
    • Improve operational efficiency
    • Reduce carbon footprint

For complete details on locating your distribution center or warehouse at a BNSF logistics park, check out BNSF's Co-Location Brochure.


Because each project is unique, collaboration with your Economic Development regional manager is essential in determining a plan that fits your exact needs. You can count on each of our regional managers to provide you with honest, intelligent and thorough information on which to base your decisions.

Consult the territory map and table below to identify and contact the regional manager in your specific territory.

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Territories Map

Reeve Geary Justin Pearson Jennifer Fitzgerald Lindsay Van Meter John Rider Eric Pitcher Peiter Hjerstedt Janet Black Jared Garmon James O'Donley Colby Tanner Don Karls Sam Galltin David Polzin Unit Train Mike Engstrom


  Name Contact
North Director Tel: 817-867-6482
Idaho, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia Tel: 206-625-6355
Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Manitoba Tel: 701-280-7200
Illinois, Wisconsin Tel: 312-850-5699
Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming Tel: 303-480-6440
Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska Tel: 913-551-4148
South Director Tel: 817-867-6467
California Tel: 909-386-4020
Arizona, New Mexico Tel: 623-463-4133
North Texas, Oklahoma Tel: 817-867-6526
South Texas Tel: 817-867-0763
Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee Tel: 817-593-4035
Assistant Vice President Tel: 817-867-6336

Unit Train Contacts

Area Name Contact
Director Tel: 817-867-6436
Coal/Wind/Pipe Tel: 817-867-0779
Sand Tel: 913-551-4146
Unit Train North Tel: 817-867-6522
Unit Train South Tel: 817-867-0804
Renewables/Special Projects Tel: 817-867-6124

Co-Location Contacts

Area Name Contact
Director Tel: 817-593-6917
Western US Colocation Manager Tel: 913-551-4550
Eastern US Colocation Manager Tel: 817-867-0873

Port Director

Area Name Contact
North Tel: 360-418-6278
South Tel: 323-277-2016

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