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Please Note: In order for your device to work with the BNSF Emulator, it must have the most current software updates. The links provided below can be used to update your device software. Please contact the technical support or service provider for your device if further assistance is needed while updating your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Link to use
The new Mainframe Emulator displays two links to access the emulator. Windows desktop and laptop users use the .Web Emulator. link. Apple, Android, Blackberry, Linux, Windows 8RT, Windows Mobile & all other devices use the .Mobile and Apple Users. link as shown below
As of 4/16/15, Google Chrome users will need to manually enable NPAPI to use the Windows Desktop Emulator button. Google Chrome users can still use the Apple and Mobile Web Emulator button without making any changes to their computer. Click here for instructions on how to enable NPAPI.
Common Questions
   How do I update my system?
  •  Click here to check for Windows PC/Laptop updates
  •  Click here to check for Apple updates
  •  Click here to check for Blackberry updates
  •  Android Phone - updates provided through provider
  •  Android Devices - updates provided through maker
   How do I update Java?

   How do I clear my browser cache, cookies and history?

   How do I ?
Common Messages
  •    "All WCProuser licenses in use. Session rejected" This messages occurs when all of the web emulator licenses are in uses. Additional licenses have been added to prevent this message from occurring as often.
    1. Clear your browser cache and try again. It should allow you to reconnect within a few minutes.
  •    "DESTINATION CAN NOT BE FOUND OR CREATED." This occurs when the wrong natural command is entered after logging into the emulator.
    1. Make sure you are typing in the correct natural command (NATTEY, NATYARD, NATWO, ect) and that you press the space bar after typing the natural command and then press enter.
    2. The mobile device may try to auto correct your spelling and change what you typed.
    3. Double check the spelling after you type it in to make sure it is correct.
  •    "Pop-up Already Open. Only one pop-up can be open at a time." This occurs when trying to open multiple pop-ups on Android phones.
    1.    Click ok in the dialog box
    2.    Close all browser windows
    3.    Open the browser and try again
  •    "TERMINAL IS IN SESSION WITH THE BNSF NETWORK." This usually occurs when incorrect data is entered on the first page of the emulator.
    1.    To fix this you need to enter BNSF in the box under ENTER APPROPRIATE LOGON DATA BELOW.
    2.    Then press enter and it will display the login screen where you enter your b# and password

   Additional Notes
  •  "Purchased or third party apps such as Bearded Computing's Emulator Access 3270 will no longer function".
  •   The Web Emulator will not let you "position the curser" to select items out of a list. (For example: Selecting a name from a list of employees in CCEMP.) This function has not been available in our past or current emulators.

Support for this installation of BNSF Mainframe on the Web is currently provided by the BNSF TSOC. Direct questions to the TSOC at 593-4357 (Internal) or 1-800-HELP649 (External). Be prepared to provide all of the following information. Without this information, it may take longer for us to assist you.
  •    Your name
  •    Your phone number where a support analyst may contact you
  •    Description of the problem (including what page the problem is on)
  •    Error messages and/or Java Console log messages
  •    Type of device (i.e. cell phone, computer, iPhone, tablet)
  •    Operating system (i.e. Windows 7, Android, iOS)
  •    Name and version of your browser
  •    Date and time you tried to access the "BNSF Mainframe Emulator"