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Please Note: The links provided below can be used to update your device software. Please contact the technical support or service provider for your device if further assistance is needed while updating your device.

General Usage Instructions

System Requirements
Keep your system up to date.
  •    Click here to check for Windows PC/Laptop updates
  •    Click here to check for Apple updates
  •    Android Phone - updates provided through provider
  •    Android Devices - updates provided through maker
Use the Operating System's native browser.
  •    Windows 7 & 8 - Internet Explorer
  •    Windows 10 - Microsoft Edge
  •    Apple - Safari
  •    Android - Android Browser
Logging In
Click the "Start Emulator" button on the main page
  •    At the prompt, enter your user ID and password and click OK
  •    If your ID and password are correct - the BNSF Emulator will start
  •    If your ID and Password are incorrect - you will be requested to re-enter them and try again
This is the New BNSF Emulator page
  •    Select Web Emulator for Windows Computers if using a Windows computer
  •    Select Web Emulator for Apple and Mobile Devices if using Apple, Android or other mobile device