Positive Train Control
BNSF leads the industry in developing and testing
technology. This system uses global positioning data to monitor train movement
and provides warnings to crews, stopping the train when necessary to prevent
BNSF began developing its PTC system in 2003, and testing started in 2006.
Today, BNSF’s PTC system is either under construction or has been installed
across 7,900 miles of track in 20 states.
BNSF inspects tracks more frequently than is required by the Federal Railroad
Administration to ensure that they are safe. Scores of engineering work crews
actively monitor, repair and replace track infrastructure to ensure stability, safety
and a reliable structure for BNSF trains.
BNSF works closely with communities and response personnel to
prepare for emergencies. In 2012 alone, our environmental and hazardous
materials teams trained approximately 4,400 public emergency responders
in communities across our network. In addition, BNSF has a team of
approximately 200 emergency responders from a variety of backgrounds,
including environmental, safety and mechanical, as well as a network of
contractors who are prepared to respond in an emergency.
Prepared BNSF Communities
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