Public Projects

BNSF actively works with communities, businesses, and agencies across our network to execute public projects, and we place the highest value on the safety of our employees, those working on and around our property, and the public. Our Public Projects team is the point of contact for communities and other entities that have infrastructure projects that involve BNSF’s network. They are the driving force behind building and maintaining strong connections with our community partners and play a pivotal role in the progression of these projects - providing information, resources, and guidance for how to work alongside BNSF.

BNSF Public Projects Regions


Rich Scott
Minneapolis, MN


Cheryl Townlian
Glendale, AZ


French F. Thompson, III
Fort Worth, TX

Public Projects Manual - Update Coming 2024

BNSF’s Public Projects Manual serves as a resource for our community partners to deliver projects that are on or near BNSF Right-of-Way. The tools, guidance, and standards included in our manual articulate the essential steps to follow and important factors to consider as you plan your project. In today’s fast-paced, digital world, we understand the importance of having access to accurate and readily available information so that your projects can progress efficiently. Our manual empowers you to remain connected and informed and provides you with access to readily available information you need to deliver your critical projects.

Download Public Projects Manual - 2018