INITIAL REPORT: Flooding on the Hannibal and River Sub-Divisions

Jul 5, 2024

We have issued two embargos due to potential flooding on the Hannibal and River Sub-Divisions.  Traffic will be re-routed around these areas for those destinations not directly impacted.Flood gates are predicted to close tomorrow (7/6/2024) for stations on the Lower Hannibal sub from West Quincy, MO to Saint Louis, MO and embargo  BNSF002224 has been issued to protect this area.Flood gates have been installed impacting traffic destined to stations between St. Louis MO, and McBride, MO and embargo BNSF002324 has been issued to protect this area.

Lower Hannibal Sub:

Spanish Lake, MO

West Alton, MO

Machens, MO

Old Monroe, MO

Elsberry, MO

Burns, MO

Dundee, MO

Cosgrove, MO

Louisiana, MO

Ashburn, MO

Hannibal, MO

South River, MO

Gibbs, MO


River Sub:

Rush Tower, MO

Ste Genevive, MO

McBride, MO

St. Mary’s MO