Update - Making Progress Towards Restoring Normal Intermodal Operations Despite Extreme Winter Weather

Jan 17, 2024

BNSF teams are driving improved operational performance as weather conditions slowly improve across much of the BNSF network. As we communicated, an outbreak of record-breaking cold temperatures, wind chills and heavy snow and ice accumulations has created significant service challenges across the core of our network since Friday. The Chicago area sustained multiple days of temperatures barely getting above zero degrees, with strong wind gusts exceeding 30 mph and driving wind chills to 25-35 degrees below zero. Wind chill readings as low as minus 70 degrees were reported in Montana and the Dakotas. The duration of these extreme conditions and their reach, from Washington to the Powder River Basin through the Plains deep into Texas this week, impacted our ability to maintain normal train operations. While service interruptions remain elevated, we are making progress in restoring service thanks to the efforts across multiple BNSF departments responding to track issues around the clock. The number of trains being held has receded as crews take advantage of improved conditions to assess affected infrastructure and, when possible, safely restore operations.

Snowbanks surrounding track equipment - Barstow Subdivision, Illinois - January 15, 2024

In advance of the winter weather, we called up all available resources to help restore normal operations as quickly as possible. We added locomotives into the fleet to help generate proper air flow for trains’ braking systems and expedite gains in network velocity and fluidity to move the trains forced to hold for an extended time due to weather-related issues. As temperatures have moderated in some areas in the last 24 hours, we have been able to lift some train restrictions and run longer trains, which helps ease the demands on our locomotive fleet and reduce delays. Train restrictions remain in place where the weather has not yet subsided, with another winter storm currently in the Pacific Northwest developing and forecasted to move eastward, bringing a new surge of cold air, high winds, heavy snow and ice to the Northern Plains and Midwest through the end of the week, with cold temperatures dropping south into North Texas by this Friday. Temperatures will fall, but not to levels previously seen this week.

Where the weather has moderated, we’re seeing the network rally toward normal operations. We are confident the solid condition of the network going into the event, coupled with the resources deployed and investments we’ve made to strengthen our railway against severe weather, will help expedite a strong and quick recovery from this widespread weather event.

High winds blowing snow drifts across the previously cleared track require ongoing snow clearing and removal from our main lines – Barstow Subdivision, Illinois - January 15, 2024

As a reminder, if you are a customer in need of assistance, we encourage you to utilize the Message Us feature on the BNSF Customer Portal. Thank you for your patience as these recovery efforts continue throughout our network.

Logistics Park Kansas City Facility Update
To support the fluidity of Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC) during winter weather recovery, we have brought on additional parking capacity near LPKC. If your shipments are reporting at lot “CGDP,” they will be located at the following location for pickup:

ConGlobal Depot Lot
31220 West 187th St.
Edgerton, KS 66021

Please contact your BNSF marketing representative if you have any questions.

As always, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve as your freight transportation provider.