API - Application Programming Interface

APIs are a modern cost-effective way to communicate real-time data and actions between applications. In your everyday lives you are using APIs behind the scenes when you use mobile phone applications, websites and smart devices like intelligent thermostats and home monitoring solutions. Our suite of APIs let you retrieve key data from BNSF and take actions to manage your shipments directly in your applications.


The Business Value


Enhance Shipment Visibility

Improve shipment visibility by displaying real-time shipment tracking information in your applications, visualizations, reports, and dashboards.

Streamline Processes

Reduce manual data entry by exchanging data between our applications, eliminating having to switch back and forth between your application and ours.

Execute Real-Time Shipment Actions

Take action directly in your applications and transmit the action to our applications, such as entering and exiting intermodal facilities to pick up and deliver freight.


The Technology Advantage

Our APIs are built on technologies that can be integrated into your applications in a wide variety of implementations to meet your system requirements.

real time data

Real-time Data

Real-time data exchange, designed to provide you with the right data at the right time.

modern technology

Modern Technology

Modern technology built to integrate with a wide variety of applications, platforms, programming languages, and devices.

endless possibilities

Endless Possibilities

Endless possibilities on how to integrate BNSF data and actions directly into your applications.

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API Catalog

At BNSF, we constantly leverage emerging and new technologies to provide systems and solutions for our customers. The following APIs are available.

Shipment Tracking

  • Retrieve current tracking information on carload, intermodal, and VIN units
  • Retrieve current tracking information on agriculture, coal, and industrial products unit trains
  • Retrieve the individual cars for agriculture, coal, and industrial products unit trains

Intermodal Hub

  • Retrieve the lot location, J1 receipts, Release (Pickup) number, Domestic empty information and Railpass ID for intermodal units
  • Submit chassis defects (Y/N) within BNSF intermodal hubs
  • Using the rail waybill information, remotely submit an ingate or outgate for your driver bypassing the kiosk.  *restrictions apply
  • Report pre-arrival to hub with rail waybill ingate completeness check

Webhook - Push Notifications

  • A webhook (or Push Notification) is a feature of our Subscriptions & Notifications System. Webhooks allow us to send detailed data to your systems at any time of day or night. This means your computer system gets up-to-date information instantaneously.
  • Carload First Mile and Last Mile - Receive local service notification information, which includes all the units that will be delivered and picked up today

Have an idea for an API or Webhook?

We value your opinion and would love to hear your suggestions.


API Support

Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm (Central Time)
API Technical Support Email: CustomerAPI@bnsf.com