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Job Descriptions

It may only take one engineer to operate a train.
But it takes some 40,000 crewmembers to operate the company.

BNSF Railway is made up of eight major departments. By the very nature of their responsibilities, some jobs are scheduled positions (hourly wages and overtime, with union representation) and others are exempt (salaried, with no overtime or union representation). But regardless of position, every employee is fully appreciated and duly compensated, with average pay around $60,000 per year.

  • Operations: Provides for safe, efficient and effective functioning of our equipment and facilities.
    • Transportation: Responsible for running BNSF Railway trains and moving the freight
    • Maintenance: Builds, repairs and maintains BNSF Railway's tracks and structures
    • Mechanical: Maintains and repairs BNSF Railway's locomotives, boxcars, hoppers and other equipment
    • Signal: Operates BNSF Railway's extensive network of traffic control devices
    • Clerical: Provides administrative support to all BNSF Railway departments
  • Marketing: (link to specific descriptions, other information) Produces clear, consistent messaging that reflects the industries we serve, from natural resources such as coal, grain and forest products, to finished merchandise and industrial products.
    • Marketing: Positions, promotes BNSF Railway services
    • Logistics: Determines the best sequence of events to move BNSF Railway resources and assets to serve our customers
    • Finance: Manages the financial assets to deliver value to all BNSF Railway stakeholders
    • Customer service: Exceeds the expectations that customers have for BNSF Railway
  • Technology Services: Provides business applications and technologies that support BNSF Railway's corporate strategic and tactical goals.
  • Finance: Oversees all financial activities, including planning, budgeting, auditing, regulatory agencies, taxes and reporting.
  • Telecommunications: Designs, monitors, installs and trouble-shoots system-wide phone and computer networks.
  • Human Resources: Develops and administers all employment policies, including compensation, health and welfare benefits, diversity, EEO, and employment.
  • Law: Represents the company in all legal matters pertaining to the operational side; works in conjunction with Human Resources to resolve internal issues.
Some positions are technical, some clerical, some executive, but all have a degree of specialization. Many of our jobs require little to no travel, while a number of positions require extensive journeys throughout the BNSF Railway network.

Because of our commitment to Responsible Care and the communities we serve, as well as inherent risks and liabilities involved with transporting certain products, Federal law mandates that any property owned or operated by BNSF Railway be maintained as an Absolute Drug-Free Environment. Individuals are expected to pass a pre-employment drug test and adhere to all alcohol and drug policies.

BNSF Railway is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We welcome and encourage diversity in our workplace.
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