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Yellowstone Valley Railroad (YSVR)


The YSVR is located in Montana’s Yellowstone River Valley and is comprised of two segments totaling 173 miles.  The northern segment, known as the “Scobey Line”, interchanges with the BNSF at Bainville and travels north to Plentywood, MT.  The southern segment, known as the “Sidney Line”, travels between two BNSF interchange points, Glendive and Snowden, MT.

Company Information

Contact:Mark Blazer
Email: mblazer@watcocompanies.com
Phone:(406) 495-1096
Fax:(406) 433-8564
Mailing Address:909 East Main St.
Sidney, MT 59270
Web Site: www.watcocompanies.com/Railroads/YSVR/YSVR%20%20main%20page.htm
Parent Company:Watco
BNSF Rep: Chris Randall
BNSF Sales Rep: Phil Hoskins

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