Ways of Shipping

Trains are versatile. There are multiple ways to ship your commodities by rail, and rail cars designed for many different jobs. Let's take a look at the options.

Flexibility, capability, choice.


Develop Rail Infrastructure

Are you expanding or developing a new rail-serviced facility? You can rely on our experts to help guide you through all aspects of expanding or developing a new site.

Rail Development


Intermodal freight transport involves transferring freight containers from one mode of transport to another - ship to train, or train to truck - in order to get it all the way to its destination. Appliances and electronics, automobiles, and food and beverages are among the many commodities moved in this way.

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Individual Railcar

Whether you're shipping one carload or multiple carloads, BNSF's individual railcar service offers you consistent, reliable and cost-effective service. With this service, you can access the most efficient and fluid rail network in North America directly to and from your facility.

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Machinery and Oversized Shipment

We're experts in moving large and heavy objects, from transformers and generators to farm equipment to wind turbine blades and more. With detailed planning and an intense focus on safety, we'll get it there.

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Shortline Services

We connect with all other Class I carriers, and approximately 200 shortlines, regional carriers and switch carriers. These long-term relationships supply shippers and receivers with seamless, efficient transportation from door-to-door, providing the most direct, efficient and cost-effective passage possible.

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We provide a range of reliable solutions for shipping food and temperature-controlled products that you can customize to fit your budget and delivery schedule. Our people have the expertise and knowledge to meet your shipment's unique needs.

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Dedicated Train Service

Sometimes nothing less than an entire train will do. Our Dedicated Train service is the most efficient and economical way to move high volumes of single commodities from a single origin to a single destination.

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Door to Door (Transload)

Need a direct line to your destination? We have the network access you need to get your shipment from A to B. With our Transload Service, your freight goes into a transload facility, where it is moved from the railcar into a truck (three + per carload) and delivered to its destination.

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We strive to provide our customers with clean, well maintained equipment. We do this in cooperation with our customers who load and unload this equipment and whose products we transport.

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