Police Team

Police Team Shoulder Patch

Our police team is the law enforcement division of the Resource Protection team. Railroad police are provided police authority from state and local governments and are authorized interstate authority by the federal government. Our community is 32,500 miles long and 100 feet wide, crisscrossing hundreds of local and state jurisdictions along the way. Railroad police are active in all forms of police duties. BNSF Police analyze statistical data to discover crime trends, use K-9 units and proactive uniformed patrol to combat trespassing and cargo thefts, and actively participate with other police agencies to investigate crimes committed on railroad property.

Canine Police

Our police canine teams have gained widespread recognition throughout the law enforcement community. They support the police team by:

  • Detering crime as often the mere presence of a canine unit will discourage criminals.
  • Expediting train searches.
  • Discouraging trespassers.
  • Detecting explosives.

Contact Us

Report Railroad Emergencies: 800-832-5452

Compliments and Complaints Regarding Police Activites

Any person who wishes to make a compliment or complaint regarding a ticket, citation or warning issued by a BNSF Railway Police Officer may do so using the following telephone number, mailing address or email address.

2600 Lou Menk Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76131

Contact the Police team with comments or questions.