Why Go Rail?

Railroads are one of the most cost-effective, safe, efficient transportation networks in the world. The average rail customer today can ship close to twice as much freight for about the same price it paid 35 years ago. Efficiencies inherent in freight rail ensure that businesses remain competitive in the global economy.

  • U.S. freight railroads can, on average, move one ton of freight 470+ miles per gallon of fuel.
  • Rail is the most environmentally friendly way to move freight over land.
  • Freight by rail instead of truck lowers greenhouse gas emissions by 75%.

Why Choose BNSF?

Accessible, productive, growing. This Is BNSF

With a rail network of 32,500 route miles in 28 states and three Canadian provinces, we are one of North America’s leading freight transportation companies. We also lead the rail industry in technological innovation. Along with our drive to provide consistent, efficient service, our network makes us a critical link that connects consumers with the global marketplace.

• We are one of the top transporters of the products and materials that help feed, clothe, supply and power communities throughout America and the world.

• From mobile apps to web tools to Big Data capabilities, BNSF utilizes innovative technology to make the shipping process easier, safer and more cost effective.

• We are proud to contribute to the well-being of the communities where we live and work. The BNSF Railway Foundation gave more than $9M to worthy causes in communities across our network last year. The communities we serve benefit from our sensitivity to their interests and to the environment in general, our adherence to the highest legal and ethical standards, and the participation of our company and our employees in community activities.

• Our customers find it easy to do business with us as we strive for 100 percent on-time, damage-free service, accurate and timely information regarding their shipment and the best transportation value.

• Our employees work in a safe and secure environment, are focused on continuous improvement, share in the opportunity for personal and professional growth available to all team members and take pride in their association with BNSF.


Economic Impact

Unlike other modes of transportation, U.S. railroads, including BNSF, own and maintain their rights of way. We fund the building, maintenance and repair of a private “rail highway” that delivers tremendous transportation value for our customers and the nation.

• Since 2000 we have invested more than $65 billion into our network.

• These substantial investments reflect our strong commitment to a safe and reliable rail network and include maintaining a strong railroad by expanding track, yards and terminals; track renewal; technology; and new locomotives.

No matter what you're shipping, BNSF has a service and the network to meet your needs.

    Consumer Products

    • In 2018, 5.3 million intermodal shipments (truck trailers or containers) were transported on our rail lines instead of on the nation’s congested highways.

    • A new car or truck is loaded/unloaded onto a BNSF automobile train approximately every 11 seconds.

    • We have 1.3 million feet of track in intermodal facilities alone. If spread end to end, it would be the length of 9 ½ Boston Marathons.

    • We have three Logistics Parks on our network which are intermodal facilities that anchor distribution and warehouse development.

    Learn more about the positive impact of distribution centers for communities and businesses.

      Industrial Products

      • In 2018, we hauled 2 million carloads of industrial products.

      • In 2018, we moved more industrial products railcars than the entire population of Nebraska.

      • BNSF hauls enough asphalt to lay a single lane road two times around the equator.

        Agricultural Products

        • In 2018, we hauled 1.2 million carloads of agricultural commodities.

        • We move enough grain to supply 900 million people with a year’s supply of bread.


          • In 2018, we hauled 1.9 million coal shipments.

          • Annually, we haul enough coal to power one of every 12 homes in the nation.

            Why Choose BNSF Economic Development?

            Whether you want to co-locate your intermodal business at one of our logistics parks, take advantage of direct rail carload service in our multi-commodity logistics centers, locate at one of our certified sites or work with a partner to help transload freight, our economic development strategic programs can help meet your needs.

            Contact BNSF’s Economic Development team to put your business on the right track.