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BNSF's secured tools help make transporting materials and finished goods more efficient and effective. With, you have the ability to trace shipments, pay your bills and have daily or hourly reports sent to you with the status of your shipments. If you do not have a login id, you will need to register to gain access to our secured tools. If you do have a login id, you can login now using the login button in the upper right-hand corner.

So you can plan your shipments more easily, BNSF has transit times, prices and other essential planning tools available online.


  • Price lookup for existing price authorities
  • Ability to request to publish new authorities

Rail Miles

  • Inquire about rail mileage for specific origin-destination pairs

BNSF offers a variety of convenient tools to help you ship your freight, including:

Railcar Equipment Request

  • Request BNSF carload equipment

Shipping Instructions

  • Electronically create a waybill that contains all movement information

Shipping Instructions Modifications (Diversions)

  • Waybill modification for intermodal and carload shipping instructions
  • Waybill error correction

Switch & Release

  • Release equipment from facility
  • Order equipment to facility for order in customers

Shipment monitoring helps make your equipment management easier and more productive.

Rail Central

  • Customized movement reports to meet your business needs

Track Your Shipment

  • Real-time movement information

Unit History

  • Receive up to 13 months of trace information on a shipment

BNSF offers tools to assist you in managing your shipment, including:


  • Subscribe via e-mail for updates and notices for various topics

Account Status

  • View, print and e-mail invoices
  • Authorize and initiate payments of invoices

Customer Dwell Management Tool

  • Review and dispute demurrage charges
  • Set up notifications of demurrage charges and dispute resolution

Intermodal Storage

  • Manage and guarantee any storage charges
  • Flexible payment options include Visa or MasterCard credit cards

EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, is an electronic form of data transmission that uses standard document formats, known as transaction sets, to send and receive information between two computer systems. Since EDI allows for the transfer of information between partners with little or no human intervention, firms using EDI typically see lower administrative and material costs, as well as more timely and accurate information processing.


Customers have options for transmitting EDI to BNSF. Customers that have the ability to format their own EDI transaction sets can trade information directly with BNSF using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). For customers that do not have the capability to create their own EDI documents, a Value Added Network (VAN) can assist in the creation and transmission of the EDI document. Since costs are associated with the use of a VAN, customers that are able to create their own EDI should consider transmitting directly to BNSF.

Implementation Guides

  • Intermodal Ramp Activity 322 (v.4010)
    Includes all information necessary for a railroad, terminal operation, port authority, or intermodal ramp to communicate rail events (e.g. arrivals, departures), as well as terminal and intermodal ramp activities (e.g.,"ingates" or "outgates"), to authorized parties to a shipment.
  • Shipment Information 404 (v.4010)
    Used to send bill of lading information to a railroad. It is the initial tender of the shipment, and can be used as notification of equipment release, as well as a legal bill of lading.
  • Freight Details and Invoice 410 (v.4010)
    Provides detailed information of the charges associated with a rail movement to the freight payer.
  • Payment Order / Remittance Advice 820 (v.4010)
    Contains the detail needed to perform cash application to the payee's accounts receivable system.

APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are a modern cost-effective way to communicate real-time data and actions between applications. In your everyday lives you are using APIs behind the scenes when you use mobile phone applications, websites and smart devices like intelligent thermostats and home monitoring solutions. Our suite of APIs let you retrieve key data from BNSF and take actions to manage your shipments directly in your applications.

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