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BNSF unveils pocket park in downtown Topeka, Kansas

BNSF unveils "pocket park" in downtown Topeka

BNSF Railway sponsored one of eight "pocket parks" in downtown Topeka, Kansas. Watch Video

Making Connections in the Pacific Northwest.

Making Connections in the PNW: Justin Piper

Justin Piper, BNSF assistant director hazardous materials, lives in the Pacific Northwest. He works tirelessly to ensure the railroad ships hazardous material safely, and trains first responders in how to respond to incidents. Watch Video

BNSF alumni invited to join association.

BNSF alumni invited to join association

The BNSF Alumni Association is for retirees and former employees of BNSF or its predecessor railroads. Sign up at www.bnsfalumni.com

BNSF’s History and Legacy

Today's BNSF is the result of more than 390 railroad lines that merged or were acquired during our 160-year history. Flip through the pages of our Historical Overview or view as a PDF.

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