Recommended Reading

The Story of the Santa Fe
by Glenn Danford Bradley
Richard G. Badger, The Gorham Press
Boston, 1920
Reprinted: Omni Publications
Palmdale, Calif., 1995
Northern Pacific Railway; Supersteam Era, 1925-1945
By Robert L. Frey and Lorenz P. Schrenk
Golden West Books, 1985
ISBN: 0-87095-092-4
Out of print--available in used book market only
Santa Fe: The Railroad that Built an Empire
by James Marshall
Random House, Inc.
New York, N.Y., 1945
Steel Trails to Santa Fe
by L. L. Waters
University of Kansas Press
Lawrence, Kan., 1950
History of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway
by Keith L. Bryant, Jr.
University of Nebraska Press
Lincoln and London, 1982
First printing:
New York, N.Y. 1974
The Locomotives of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway System
by Sylvan R. Wood
The Railway & Locomotive Historical Society, Inc.
Baker Library, Harvard Business School
Boston, Mass., 1948
Iron Horses of the Santa Fe Trail
by E. D. Worley
Southwest Railroad Historical Society
Dallas, Texas, 1965
Arid Domain: The Santa Fe Railway and Its Western Land Grants
by William S. Greever
Stanford University Press
Stanford, Calif., 1954
Burlington Northern and Its Heritage
by Steve Glischinski
Andover Junction Publications
Andover, N.J., 1992
Burlington Northern Diesel Locomotives
by Paul D. Schneider
Kalmbach Publishing Company
Waukesha, Wis., 1993
The Great Northern Railway
by Charles and Dorothy Wood
Pacific Fast Mail
Edmonds, Wash., 1979
The Great Northern Railway: A History
by Ralph W. Hidy, Muriel E. Hidy, Roy V. Scott and Don L. Hofsommer
Harvard Business School Press
Boston, Mass., 1988
The Northern Pacific Railroad and the Selling of the West
by Sig Mickelson
The Center for Western Studies, Augustana College
Sioux Falls, S.D., 1993
Northern Pacific Railway; Diesel Era, 1945-1970
By Robert L. Frey and Lorenz P. Schrenk
Golden West Books, 1988
ISBN: 0-870950-102-5
Second printing currently available
The Northern Pacific Railway of McGee and Nixon
By Richard Green, Warren McGee and Ron Nixon
Northwest Short Line, 1985
Dining Car Line to the Pacific: An Illustrated History of the Northern Pacific Railway's "Famously Good" Food, with 150 Authentic Recipes
By William A. McKenzie
Minnesota Historical Society, 1990
Hardcover and paperback
The Life of James J. Hill, Volumes I and II
by Richard C. Overton
University of Texas Press
Austin, Texas, 1953
James J. Hill and the Opening of the Northwest
by Albro Martin, W. Thomas White
Minnesota Historical Society/Borealis Books
October 1991
James J. Hill: Empire Builder of the Northwest
The Oklahoma Western Biographies, Vol. 12
by Michael P. Malone
University of Oklahoma Press
March 1997
Burlington Route: A History of the Burlington Lines
by Richard C. Overton
Alfred A. Knopf
New York, N.Y., 1965
Everywhere West: The Burlington Route
by Patrick C. Dorin
Superior Publishing
Seattle, Wash., 1976
Gulf to the Rockies: The Heritage of the FW&D and C&S
by Richard C. Overton
University of Texas Press
Austin, Texas, 1953