Highway Congestion

Rush hour traffic Reducing congestion on our nation's highways leads to safer roads and a cleaner environment, and rail is a key part of the solution.

Demand for transportation is stressing our nation's highway system. In November 2015, vehicle miles traveled were more than three trillion, compared to one trillion in November 1971.

Railroads, including BNSF, play an important role in reducing highway congestion by taking long–haul freight trucks off the road. A doublestack intermodal train removes more than 280 freight trucks from the highway – the equivalent of 1,100 automobiles. Every container shipped by rail means one less long-haul truck on the highway, easing congestion, reducing pollution and saving energy. As U.S. trucking companies seek ways to reduce their fuel costs, overcome driver shortages, and deal with demand, they increasingly turn to rail – and that is good news for our environment and our nation's roadways.


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