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Local History

A local history as big as the West.

As a result of the depth of our history and the hundreds of thousands of people have worked for BNSF Railway or one of our predecessor lines during the past 150 years, we get numerous inquiries about individuals who may have been a part of our lineage of railroads.

The fact is, despite the advanced technology at our command today, it is literally impossible to create a database that could begin to keep track of the generations of people who have been a part of what now is BNSF Railway.

Local newspapers, and city and state historical societies often can be sources of information about specific employees. In the interests of preserving as much history as possible, BNSF Railway has donated historic information to selected archival organizations. Accordingly, we do not maintain any genealogical resources in our organization.

The US Railroad Retirement Board is another source of information about historic employees through the agency's genealogical search engine. Their system can provide information on US railroad employees who have participated in that organization's retirement program.
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