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BNSF To Increase Velocity and Improve Efficiency for Fertilizer Shipments

BNSF is undertaking several specific actions to expedite fertilizer delivery to ensure our customers have the fertilizer where and when they need it. More...

New tool - Customized Rate Profile

Based on customer feedback, we developed a new tool—Customized Rate Profile-- that enables you to create, save and run rate reports for the commodities you ship the most and the shipping lanes you most frequently use. View the tool demo.

Login ID Now Required to Access Rates and Pricing Information

Customers now have to log in to access pricing tools and information. If you do not have your login ID, please register on bnsf.com using our new expedited registration process. Once registered, you will have instant access to pricing information.

BNSF Offers a Deep Reserve of Shipping Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Are you shipping products for the oil and gas drilling industry? Whether you need to ship into or out of key regions such as the Bakken, Niobrara, Eagle Ford and Permian – BNSF has the access, capacity and logistics expertise to deliver long-term, reliable and cost-effective transportation solutions. More...

Customer Essentials

Fuel Surcharge

Review your current fuel surcharge rates . Plus, see estimated fuel surcharge costs in BNSF's Carload Shipping Advisor . To access, go to Pricing Tools and choose Carload Shipping Advisor.

Customer Site Development

Locate your next site near BNSF. With volatile fuel costs and more stringent emissions standards, cutting all the extra miles you can from your supply chain is crucial. By locating at a BNSF logistics park, you realize significant cost savings and help to protect our environment.  More...

Customer Notifications

Stay up-to-date on the latest news covering BNSF services, tools, prices and facilities by subscribing to Customer Notifications.   More...

Customer Login

BNSF's secure customer website enables shipment tracking, bill payment, and more...

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