Shipping Oil & Gas


See why more and more shippers of crude oil and natural gas liquids are relying on BNSF's Energy On Track crude shipping by rail solutions and choosing BNSF above other oil transportation companies.

The Flexibility to Access Multiple Markets

With BNSF you can reach more markets, giving you the flexibility to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace, so you can maximize the value of your product. Learn more >

  • BNSF offers service to most coastal refineries. See our Interactive Map.
  • By the end of 2014, BNSF will offer service from shale plays throughout North America to more than 50 destinations that serve inland and coastal refineries and ports.
  • Tank cars can flex to carry multiple products from crude to diesel and ethanol.

A Readily Accessible, High Capacity Network

BNSF’s rail network is vast and readily available to connect new, domestic sources of oil and gas supply with key areas of demand. Learn more >

  • BNSF is the only rail carrier to serve all the nation’s western shale plays. See our Interactive Map.
  • Count on BNSF for Bakken crude transport, Niobrara crude transport, Anadarko crude transport, Permian Basin crude transport and more.
  • BNSF moved 100 million barrels of crude in 2012 and is ready to meet the growing demand in the years ahead.
  • BNSF touches 16 of the top 19 oil producing counties in Central and Western North Dakota, and 5 of the 6 in Eastern Montana, through 1,000 miles of rail lines in the Williston Basin.
  • BNSF offers the most rail loading capacity in the Williston Basin through service from 10 originating unit train terminals and more than 10,000 railcars ready to transport crude in the Williston Basin.
  • BNSF has the presence and the network to serve the major North American shale plays, including Niobrara, Permian Basin, Eagle Ford, Canadian Oil Sands and the Anadarko Basin shales of Granite Wash, Woodford and Mississippian Lime.

Reliability Enhanced by Ongoing Investment

In 2013, BNSF plans to invest $4.1 billion across our entire network to ensure our infrastructure remains strong and our network fluid. Learn more >

  • In 2013 BNSF plans to invest nearly $200 million on capacity initiatives to support Bakken growth.
  • Upstream and midstream companies are also making significant investments in rail facilities, indicating that rail will be an increasingly important component of the U.S. energy transportation chain.
  • Our customers have invested more than $2 billion in crude oil rail facilities and associated tank cars. See our Interactive Map.

A Competitive Transportation Solution

Leveraging the accessibility and flexibility of rail, BNSF offers a highly competitive transportation solution. Learn more >

  • Shipping crude by rail entails lower startup costs and enables producers to redirect loads quickly in order to take advantage of higher demand and prices, creating a strong revenue generation opportunity for producers.
  • When shipping by rail, you can control the purity of your product, as it is isolated in railcars, not mixed with the products of other producers.
  • Rail can get your crude to market up to 5 times faster.

Service Options that Meet Your Needs

Depending on your needs for speed, capacity and other factors, you can ship your crude either by the individual railcar or by a dedicated train.

Expertise to Help Develop Your Facilities

To help you establish a rail-served facility, BNSF offers customized, comprehensive facility development services from site selection and planning through development and start-up, allowing you to get your product to market faster.

Safe Operating Practices

BNSF remains committed to the safety of the communities in which we operate, our people and the shipments of our customers. Learn more >

  • We offer free training for first responders and support public awareness campaigns through a number of initiatives across our network.