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Consumer Goods

What is Intermodal?

Intermodal is a shipping method in which more than one mode of transport is used. The freight may be moved in Containers and Trailers (dry or refrigerated), Specialized Flatbeds, or Tank Containers.

BNSF's superior intermodal network speeds goods 20 percent faster than the next leading intermodal provider, according to the Association of American Railroads (AAR). BNSF's Intermodal door-to-door consistency is 97 percent.

Individual Railcar

Whether you're shipping one carload or multiple carloads, BNSF's individual railcar service offers you consistent, reliable and cost-effective service. Through this service, you can access the most efficient and fluid rail network in North America directly to/from your facility.

Excellent for multi-truck quantities of commodities such as canned goods, steel, lumber, paper, and more. Easily fit three or more truckloads in a single railcar.

For the movement of consumer goods, BNSF offers several service options to meet your needs. Please select one of the following to learn more:

Intermodal (Trailers, Containers, Temp-Controlled)

>Fast service that meets or exceeds a single-driver truck
>Access to the fastest growing markets in the US

Individual Railcar (Boxcar)

>Excellent for multi-truck quantities
>Easily fit three or more truckloads in a single railcar

Is Intermodal Right For You?

Compare savings, speed and emissions.

Customer Tools

Our new Customized Rate Profile tool enables you to create, save and run rate reports for the commodities you ship the most and the shipping lanes you most frequently use.

Also, all customers now have to log in to access pricing tools and information. If you do not have your login ID, please register on bnsf.com using our new expedited registration process. Once registered, you will have instant access to pricing information

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