Grains and Feed

Grain and Feed

At BNSF, we know what matters to keep things moving for you. That's why we've made major investments in our railroad. We understand long-term success requires looking beyond the next harvest - or the next year.

Today our rail network is in the best shape it's ever been: even safer, with even more capacity and delivery options, so we can move your grain efficiently, safely and reliably. It's what millions of people are counting on us to do every day and it's why we keep things moving forward …now and in the future.

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Agricultural Products Rates and Prices

Ag Products has several rate publications, most of which are available on-line and listed below. Each publication represents the prices for different commodities and equipment types.

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Car Programs

BNSF offers three ways to reserve general fleet covered hopper cars: the market-based COT reservation program, Pulse Cots, or our Lottery. Cars can be reserved as single cars, 24-car units or 110-car DET/shuttles.

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Agricultural Marketing

Area Contact
Group Vice President John H. Miller
Tel: 817-867-6800
Fax: 817-352-7932
Administrative Assistant Monique Walker
Tel: 817-867-6825
Fax: 817-352-7932
General Director
(Wheat and flour)
Barbara Haertling
Tel: 817-867-6305
Fax: 817-352-7934
Director, Wheat Mark Summers
Tel: 817-867-6717
Fax: 817-352-7934
Manager, Wheat
(Southern/western wheat, wheat flour)
Dennis Bell
Tel: 817-867-6702
Fax: 817-352-7934
Marketing Manager
(Barley, malt, oats and pulses)
Eric Gatlin
Tel: 817-867-0661
Fax: 817-352-7934
Manager, Northern Wheat Freight
(Northern wheat, wheat flour)
Lindsay Ott
Tel: 817-867-0654
Fax: 817-352-7934
General Director, Corn Products & Oilseeds
(Corn, soybeans, oilseeds, meals, oils, corn products)
Anne Erickson
Tel: 817-867-6730
Fax: 817-352-7934
Director, Corn & Feed / Oilseeds
Robert Keller
Tel: 817-867-6340
Fax: 817-352-7934
Marketing Manager
(Feed grains, oilseeds, corn flour and meal)
Katie Hofmann
Tel: 817-867-0846
Fax: 817-352-7934
Marketing Manager
Darrell Faircloth
Tel: 817-867-0745
Fax: 817-352-7934
Marketing Manager
(Feed grains and oilseeds)
Brandon Mortensen
Tel: 817-867-6729
Fax: 817-352-7934
Marketing Manager
(Oils and meals, cottonseed)
Pat Collins
Tel: 817-867-6712
Fax: 817-352-7934
General Director, Fertilizer, Ethanol & Sweeteners Brett Porter
Tel: 817-867-6240
Fax: 817-352-7934
Director, Ethanol and Bulk Foods Keeley Bliss
Tel: 817-867-6304
Fax: 817-352-7934
Marketing Manager, Sweeteners
(Corn syrup, starches, sorbitol, sugar, molasses, tallow and tankage)
Nathan Morton
Tel: 817-867-6530
Fax: 817-352-7934
Area Contact
Director Greg Guthrie
Tel: 360-418-6404
Cell: 503-880-4860
Manager Market Support (Nebraska, N. Dakota, S. Dakota) Jon Long
Tel: 701-280-7419
Cell: 701-730-6794
Manager Market Support (Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas) Mignon Lambley
Tel: 817-867-6705
Cell: 580-461-1325
Manager Market Support (Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin) Steve Milligan
Tel: 763-782-3104
Cell: 763-203-4869
Fax: 763-782-3036
Manager Market Support (Montana, Wyoming) Maia LaSalle
Tel: 406-265-0215
Cell: 406-399-0330
Director Mexico Business Unit Victor Valdes
Tel: 817-867-6060
Cell: 817-313-5737
Manager Market Support
(Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington)
Roger Hsieh
Tel: 360-418-6271
Cell: 713-857-8661
Customer Tools

Our new Customized Rate Profile tool enables you to create, save and run rate reports for the commodities you ship the most and the shipping lanes you most frequently use.

Also, all customers now have to log in to access pricing tools and information. If you do not have your login ID, please register on using our new expedited registration process. Once registered, you will have instant access to pricing information

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