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Updated Analysis for Proposed BNSF Rail Facility Affirms Air Quality, Health and Traffic Benefits for Southern California

LOS ANGELES, September 27, 2012 :

The updated Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) released by the Port of Los Angeles today affirms that BNSF Railway's proposed Southern California International Gateway (SCIG) facility will result in an overall improvement in air quality, health risk and traffic in both the immediate neighborhoods around the site and throughout the region. Additionally, the project would create thousands of jobs and generate millions in state and local tax revenue. BNSF has also recently agreed to contribute up to $3 million to the joint Port of Los Angeles-Port of Long Beach Technology Advancement Program to further the development of zero-emission goods-movement technologies.

The updated report, which was reissued to reflect updated analysis, confirms that proceeding with the project results in significant air quality and health risk improvements for residents, students, teachers and workers in the area as compared to continuing the existing uses at the site. In fact, SCIG far surpasses the Port of Los Angeles' health risk goal for new projects and will help provide the cleaner growth the region needs.

SCIG will eliminate more than 1.5 million truck trips from I-710 each year, providing local and regional air quality improvements and congestion relief.

"This report validates that building SCIG is the right choice for green growth in Los Angeles," said Matthew K. Rose, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of BNSF. "I'm proud of the hard work we've done over the past seven years to design the greenest intermodal rail facility in the country."

SCIG Needed to Create New Jobs

"Now that the updated report confirms the benefits of this important project, it should move ahead without further delay," said Sandy Cajas, President and CEO of the Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Maria Elena Durazo, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO noted, "The unemployment rate in L.A. County is still 11 percent. The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor voted to endorse and actively support SCIG because it's time to bring good jobs to our region."

BNSF has concluded a Project Labor Agreement worth $255 million with the Building and Construction Trades Council for the construction of SCIG. Added Robbie Hunter, Executive-Secretary of the Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council, "We're proud to provide BNSF with a skilled local union workforce to build this new environmentally friendly rail yard. This has been a long process, and the time to build it is now."

SCIG will allow containers to be loaded onto rail just four miles from the docks, rather than traveling 24 miles on local roads and I-710 to downtown rail facilities. BNSF will clean up an existing industrial site and replace it with a state-of-the-art facility featuring wide-span all-electric cranes, ultra-low emission switching locomotives and low-emission rail yard equipment. In addition to these innovations, BNSF has committed to allow only trucks meeting the Port's Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) goal of 2010 or newer trucks to transport cargo between the marine terminals and the facility. By 2026, 90 percent of the truck fleet will be LNG or equivalent emissions vehicles. Trucks will be required to avoid residential areas by traveling on designated, industrial routes with GPS tracking to ensure compliance. BNSF has also committed to create a local jobs training program and offer priority hiring for new jobs to qualified local job applicants.

BNSF continues to engage with stakeholders at its website, BNSFConnects.com, on Facebook and on Twitter. Stakeholders are encouraged to attend a public meeting on October 18, 2012 or to submit their written comments for the official record to the Port of Los Angeles by November 9, 2012 to Christopher Cannon, Director of Environmental Management via mail or e-mail to ceqacomments@portla.org. They will be included in the Final Environmental Impact Report.

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