BNSF Announces Storage Charge Reductions at Logistics Park Chicago

Dec 20, 2021

Effective January 1, 2022, BNSF is temporarily reverting to its storage policy that identifies its Logistics Park Chicago (LPC) Intermodal Facility as a Group 2 facility for the purpose of calculating free time. Group 2 facilities receive free time on the day of notification, plus 48 hours. For longer-dwelling containers, the applicable storage charge of $500 per day will now begin on the 8th day of chargeable storage instead of the 5th day as per the BNSF Intermodal Rules and Policies Guide.

In addition, BNSF will continue to provide a one-day storage credit for any unit out-gated from LPC on weekends (Saturday or Sunday) for storage calculations. This credit will go to the party who pays or guarantees storage and may be applied to any pending or future intermodal storage.

We amended the storage policy at LPC on August 2, in response to strong intermodal demand and high dwell. As a result of improved supply chain conditions, BNSF efficiency initiatives, and close coordination with our transportation partners, conditions have improved, enabling us to update our storage policy.  

We will continue to monitor the fluidity of the facility and may make future changes based on future conditions.

Please contact your BNSF marketing representative if you have any questions. Additional storage information may also be found on our suite of web and mobile tools to track shipments.