Hazardous Waste Manifest/Shipment Instructions Process Change Effective February 1, 2018

Jan 8, 2018

In our ongoing efforts to support greater efficiency, BNSF is implementing a change in how Waste Manifest/Shipping Instructions are submitted by all Hazardous Waste shippers.

Effective February 1, 2018, shippers utilizing BNSF as the first rail transporter, or as the first linehaul rail transporter, for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) / U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated waste shipments will submit Shipping Instructions for the movement of rail car(s) via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) directly from the Shipper's system, or through the BNSF.com Shipping Instructions application.

This change in how Shipment Instructions are submitted to BNSF will assist in expediting the billing and car loading process, and remains consistent with current EPA regulations. As outlined below, customers shipping Hazardous Waste on BNSF as the first rail transporter should follow these steps:

  • After completing the loading, securing and inspecting of the waste vessel (rail car), an EPA waste manifest is prepared using all codes and fields required by the Shipper/Generator of the waste.
  • Shipper notifies BNSF Waybill Solutions via email (waybillsolutions@bnsf.com) of the request to release and transport the specific shipment with a One-Time Authorization to sign the manifest on behalf of BNSF, along with an attached electronic copy (PDF) of the shipper-signed waste manifest and a completed Bill of Lading (BOL).
  • Once submitted, BNSF Waybill Solutions reviews the waste manifest and completed BOL. If complete, BNSF Waybill Solutions will issue a One-Time Authorization via email to sign the manifest on behalf of BNSF as the first transporter.
  • After receiving One-Time Authorization, shipper may then proceed with submitting shipping instructions for movement of the rail car via EDI directly from the Shipper's system, or through BNSF.com Shipping Instructions application (Effective 2/1/18)
  • Shipper forwards an electronic copy (PDF) via email to BNSF Waybill Solutions (waybillsolutions@bnsf.com) of the final signed waste manifest (signed for both the Shipper and the first rail transporter).
    • If signatures are legible, BNSF Waybill Solutions accepts the manifest PDF and will manually accept the previously submitted shipping instructions. Note: BNSF will only accept the shipping instructions if a final copy of the signed manifest is obtained.
  • Rail car/shipment is released for transportation.
  • BNSF will offer via EDI 417 a copy of the waybill for the waste shipment to any subsequent rail carrier.

Shipper/Generator is responsible for forwarding the waste manifest to destination consignee. BNSF Waybill Solutions will maintain a copy of the manifest, applicable One-Time Authorization, and the shipping instructions for three years.

If you have questions regarding this process change or would like assistance with the BNSF.com Shipping Instructions application, please contact BNSF Waybill Solutions in Fort Worth at (888) 428-2673 [option 3, 2, 4] or via email at waybillsolutions@bnsf.com.

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