Reminder: Completely Unload Railcars Prior to Release

Apr 22, 2021

BNSF has observed a recent increase in the number of railcars released without being completely unloaded. This includes bulkhead flatcars where lumber has been left on the deck or in the stake pockets. With our focus on safety and reducing unnecessary train delays, it is imperative for receivers unloading BNSF railcar equipment to completely remove all materials so that the car is properly emptied prior to its release.

To help prevent car rejections after placement for the next loading, we want to remind our shippers of the following rule in BNSF Rules Book 6100-B:

Item 3250 – Failure to Complete Unloading of Railcars
Upon arrival and placement of railcars for unloading at destination, consignee will be responsible for unloading equipment in a manner which does not damage equipment, and for releasing equipment in a condition suitable for reloading by another shipper. A consignee who refuses or fails to remove all lading, dunnage, blocking, bracing, strapping, debris or other material that was part of the inbound shipment, secure loading devices, and close doors will be subject to a penalty charge of $500.00 per car plus the actual cost incurred by BNSF to remedy noncompliance with this item. (For covered hoppers used in clay/bentonite service, a higher penalty charge is applicable under Item 3252.)

Please notify and remind your railcar unloading team of these requirements. If you have any questions, please contact your BNSF representative.

Your business is important to us. BNSF remains focused on meeting the needs of our customers while ensuring we continue to operate as safely and efficiently as possible.

Thank you for choosing BNSF Railway as your transportation service provider.