Taking Bold Actions to Improve Efficiency at Logistics Park Chicago

May 26, 2021

With unprecedented intermodal freight demand across our network, BNSF continues to take the necessary steps to ensure that capacity is available in key markets. At our Logistics Park Chicago (LPC) facility, strong volumes, longer dwell times and chassis constraints have resulted in a significant number of trains staged waiting to be unloaded. This has delayed the unloading of cars and slowed their return to the West Coast to handle the continued strong demand for imported cargo.

In response, BNSF has recently taken two track segments out of service from one of our widespan crane modules at LPC to create an additional stacked container area: the new Lot W. The new Lot W will improve BNSF’s ability to de-ramp inbound trains by allowing for the staging of units immediately after de-ramp. We are now able to offload additional containers that previously could not be unloaded due to chassis unavailability.

BNSF will utilize this new capacity in conjunction with the existing Lot S, as outlined below:

  • As necessary, inbound trains may de-ramp units directly to stack at Lot W.
    • Units stacked in Lot W will not be available for driver pick-up; notifications will be suspended.
  • Units will be moved from Lot W to a stack in Lot S, where the unit will be notified and available for pick-up.
    • Dray providers should wait for notification of availability of unit in Lot S before dispatching drivers for out-gate.
  • BNSF is adding four stacking cranes to Lot S to help facilitate driver pick-ups and support more efficient out-gate for local delivery.

The availability of this new stacked container area will allow BNSF to more quickly unload railcars to infuse back into the supply chain. We also expect to generate a quicker turn on chassis in-gated as well as those holding outbound loads.

We are confident that these changes will help deliver improved service and greater productivity at LPC. For any additional information and questions, please contact your BNSF marketing representative.

As always, your business is important us. Thank you for choosing BNSF as your transportation provider.